Get Remarkably Organised


Lorraine-Murphy-GroMany of us are spending entire days and weeks in reactive mode – reacting to everything from requests from our colleagues and families to traffic and late-running meetings. It’s no wonder that we often get to the end of the day and haven’t ticked one thing that we wanted to get done off our to do lists!

This has an ENORMOUS impact on how happy we feel in our lives.

– We feel demotivated.
– Procrastination reigns supreme.
– We feel we’re moving further away from – rather than towards – our goals.
– Life feels overwhelming.
– Forgotten deadlines and tasks jump up and bite us on the bum.
– We wake up in the middle of the night feeling stressed about our never-ending to do list.

It’s a distinctly average way to live, right?!

Being organised means we switch into proactive mode. Life begins to happen for us, not to us. We invest time and energy every day in future-proofing our lives so that the majority of our days can be spent achieving our goals. Life begins to flow more smoothly, we feel happier and more fulfilled.

Even when I was writing the book, I knew that it would grow into an online program – so I can work with people more intimately to help them radically overhaul their lives.

And here it is!!!



This training distils the key principles of my bestselling book – Get Remarkably Organised – into an informal, straight-talking and entertaining course. I dive deeper into the principles. Over our eight weeks together and working through new exercises (not available in the book), I will guide you through a step-by-step process to help you get remarkably organised.




Weekly module
Each week you’ll receive a module from me right into your inbox. In the video, I’ll discuss that week’s topic, we’ll work through an exercise together and I’ll set you a challenge for the week ahead. I have designed new exercises specifically for this program, which will take you deeper into the Get Remarkably Organised philosophy.

Support sessions
Each fortnight, you’ll meet with me and your fellow program buddies for a live webinar. I’ll answer any questions you have, troubleshoot specific challenges the group is experiencing, and cheerlead the hell out of you as you make some small but significant changes in your life.

Whatsapp group
You’ll be added to a private Whatsapp group. This connects you up with other students and me, and is your secret weapon to keeping yourself accountable. Each week, I’ll ask you to share what changes you’ll be implementing, and ask you to report back at the end of the week. Seeing other people’s progress is a huge boost to help you stay on track and be celebrated for your own success.



I know you’ve got a full schedule already – and the last thing you need is another batch of actions to heap onto your already-heaving to do list!

That’s why I have kept this program super simple and super easy on your time. Each video module is short and sweet (max 10 minutes), and the exercises should take you no longer than 20 minutes each to complete.

With the exception of the declutter (come on, you KNEW I’d put that in there…), the weekly challenges are easy-peasy small changes to incorporate into your day-to-day life.

I promise to take you an a gentle, super-accessible journey that won’t have you feeling even more stressed out than you may already be feeling right now.

And the best bit is you’ve got full support – from me and your extended cheerleading team of fellow program buddies!


As a result of this program, you will:
• Approach your days and tasks with a sense of purpose
• Use your time and energy towards productive means
• Have a strong working knowledge of what’s coming up today, this week and this month
• Keep overwhelm in check as you have a handle on your to-do list
• Be able to enjoy periods of downtime as you know you know you’ve got your shit together
• Be a hell of a lot happier!




Week 1: Take stock
This is the foundation stone for your entire success in this program, when you’ll get super clear on your priorities for the next eight weeks. We evaluate where your life is at right now and identify the areas that need some additional oomph. And off we go!

Week 2: Offload the crap
Having physical clutter in our lives results in our minds being cluttered, meaning we haven’t a hope of approaching our lives with clear direction and headspace. I’ll guide you through exiting the excess stuff in your life so you can start to think and act with more clarity and focus.

Week 3: Tossing out the stones in your shoe
This week we tackle those itty-bitty tasks that have lived on your over-stretched brain for years, consuming energy that you could be channelling into wayyyyy more fun and productive things!

Week 4: Plan the life YOU want to live
This week, we change tack. Now that you’ve got renewed energy, clarity and focus, I help you map out the life you want to be living.. and identify some simple ways you can make that a reality this week.

Week 5: Morning routine
How we spend our mornings dictates our entire day. Together, we’ll build your perfect morning routine – and help you make it happen. I’ll share the videos, meditations and other mood-boosting, motivation-generating tricks I fall back on when I need some extra zhoosh in my mornings.

Week 6: Evening routine
This week we focus on your evenings, and create positive evening rituals that will have you rested, calm and clear every evening – and feeling ready to sail through the next day.

Week 7: Nixing procrastination
Procrastination can be an absolute bitch, and I believe is the number one way that we sabotage ourselves from living a happier, more successful life. With some simple ideas from me and the accountability of your program crew, we’ll gently get you over the hump of procrastination so you can get started on those tasks that will get you closer to your goals.

Week 8: Distractions
This week is all about either removing or coping with the various distractions that come our way, robbing us of our time and concentration. I’ll help you identify the key distractions in your life, and we’ll work together to create a plan to tackle them.



What people have said about Get Remarkably Organised

“You have a way with helping people unlock things. Keep being amazing!” ~Sheena

“I am loving this book! I’ve been implementing a lot of ideas into my daily routine already. I’m getting up earlier each morning, but it’s a more relaxed morning where I can have breaky with HOT cup of tea and get some chores done before my 2 year old wakes up.” ~Amber

“A real gamechanger if you have various different projects on your plate.” ~Liz

“We love how Lorraine guides us through easy-to-do steps to kickstart the organisation process… as soon as you start reading, you’ll be so motivated to start decluttering and organising everything asap.”  ~Sally Obermeder & Maha Koraiem




• Eight videos and worksheets – dropped right into your inbox each week
• Four online webinars with me
• Inclusion in the private Whatsapp group




The program kicks off on 15th September and runs for eight weeks


I thought you’d never ask!



I’m going to be away for some of the eight weeks – will I miss anything?

You can access the videos and exercises from wherever you are, and the four webinars will all be recorded for you to watch back at a time that’s good for you.


I don’t have much time available – is this going to require hours of work?

No, absolutely not.  The program is specifically designed to not add to the already-bulging list of commitments most of us have.  The videos are short and sweet, and the challenges are simple.  You can get as involved as you like in the group chat.  I’m a big believer in KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), and that’s exactly what this program will be.  Ain’t no-one got time for anything else!


Is this just for entrepreneurs/business owners?

Nope- this program is for anyone who wants to get their shit together and the principles will apply to those who have their own businesses, and to those who don’t, to those with kids, and to those who don’t have kids, for those with fur babies and those without.