Turbo Mentoring

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Turbo Mentoring is Lorraine’s one-on-one intensive mentoring model. She blends her own unique blend of real-life business experience, her step-by-step mentoring process and her intuitive, direct approach.

This is for you if you’re feeling stuck, unmotivated or unclear on what your next steps are. It’s for you if you want to step into a bigger and brighter version of your life, you’re ready to do things differently, you’re open to being called on your own bullshit and you want someone to keep you accountable.

It is NOT for you if you’re not coachable and you don’t have a hunger for growth.


How it works

– Lorraine will ask you for some top-line information the week before your session
– You’ll have a phone call with Lorraine before you meet so she can get some background – this means you can jump straight into the juicy stuff on the day
– A four-hour one-on-one session – starting with helping you to articulate your five-year vision, one-year vision, specific goals for 2018 and affirmations. Based on your call the week before and the flow of the inperson session, Lorraine will spend time deep-diving with you into particular challenges – for example helping you map out a sales strategy for your business, or weighing up a major career decision
– A call with Lorraine one week after the session – mainly for accountability but also to answer any questions you might have
– A check-in call with Lorraine one month after the session
– Three special gifts (value of $90)

The sessions are held in Sydney and the total investment is $2,000 + GST.

What past Turbo Mentoring clients have said

“I just arrived home and feel so inspired, energised and on top of the world about kicking things into overdrive. I need to bottle this moment and momentum.”
Hannah, Brisbane (who is on track to smash the 12-month financial target we set for her business in our session in just six months!)

“Lorraine puts her heart into helping, guiding and mentoring, and the genuine care factor is beyond what you would expect. If you get a chance to work with her one on one, take it, your life will only be better for the opportunity.” Angela, Brisbane

“What a difference four hours makes. By the end of our session Lorraine had helped me map out the most incredible plan for 2018 that not only looked at my business but how I want to live as a woman, mother and wife. We also had the opportunity to talk high level strategy which I’ve already had the chance to put into place. I’m so grateful to you Lorraine, thank you.” Uldouz, Sydney 

I was able to get a clear idea of what I need to be directing my time in my business to get the most out of my strengths. Lorraine helped me to devise an action plan to bring my idea of a virtual personal styling platform to life – quickly and with minimal viable investment. Following our session I felt like I had a bounce back in my step. Our session together gave me permission to stop putting time into areas that were not serving me best and instead redirect that time to creating a business that will hopefully generate ongoing income. Our follow-up calls kept me on track, ensuring that I was meeting all the action plans we had set. I now apply a Keep It Simple Stupid filter to things, because that’s what I know Lorraine would say to me! An invaluable investment.” Rosie McKay, Sydney myvirtualstylist.com.au & seeneedwant.com.au

“I loved my Turbo Mentoring session with Lorraine. I gained both clarity and strategic direction over specific changes I needed to make with both my business and my life. After my one-one-one session I felt inspired and an incredible sense of clarity: I’d finally ditched the overwhelm and confusion that had stifled my work and personal life.  As a result of working with Lorraine, I now have a clear vision of my future and specific strategies in place to ensure that my vision is actualised in an elegant and simple way.  Lorraine has been instrumental in helping me achieve the soulful success I’d long been yearning for.” Dr. Kirsty Goodwin 

Turbo Mentoring is generally one-on-one, however Lorraine has worked with business partners and even couples with remarkable results.

To find out when Lorraine’s next available sessions are, please email the team via the Contact page.