Remarkability Clann



I believe that our businesses should light us up from inside. I don’t know about you, but when I’m tired, uninspired or stressing about something on the personal side of my life, my business performance is immediately impacted.

Instead of 1D, extrinsic achievements, I believe in multi-dimensional success. I’m talking your business; but also your health, relationships, spirituality and development.

Revenue and profit are important – of course they are – however the joy is sucked out of achieving them if we’re not happy in the other parts of our life. Indeed, they come easier and with much more flow if we’re in flow ourselves!

Business is tough – in fact, it can be really very shit at times (said from hard-earned experience…).

The first thing I’ve done in the shit times is reach out to those I trust to handhold me through those times – whether it was business mentors, a coach or my entrepreneur friends who were right there in the trenches with me.

Between them, they got me through – and what always, without fail, followed was a period of intense growth and greater success.

I have found a pattern with almost every entrepreneur I’ve mentored: they’re lonely.  At times, really really lonely.

Running a business – even if you’ve got a team around you – is more often than not an isolating exercise.  This is intensified if you don’t have friends or family who’ve walked the entrepreneurial path before, and they just don’t “get it”.

In fact, one of the biggest pieces of advice I give to struggling entrepreneurs it to go find a tribe, somewhere they can be surrounded by people who DO get it.

My intent with Remarkability Clann is to create the program I would have designed for myself when I was trying to find my feet as an entrepreneur – from the immediate connectivity to like-minded souls to a structured program of juicy learning.


A vibrant collective of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners. It aims to educate, inspire and connect them within a membership model. The program is led by me, and is based on all the best coaching, training and mentoring that I have experienced as part of my career and my six years of being in the trenches of starting, building and leading businesses and sub-brands.

I will not give you a magic formula to business success that will have you retiring to the Bahamas in three months (sorry about that). I will however act as a guide, success facilitator and chief cheerleader of you and your business.


It’s called Remarkability Clann – for two reasons:

1. The dictionary definition of “clan” is: “a group of people, as a clique, set, society, or party, especially united by some common trait, characteristic, or interest” (hint: to be remarkable entrepreneurs)
2. Clann (with an extra “n”) is the Gaelic word for “family


*Payment Plans are available. Please contact us for more information.


This fully immersive experience is exactly what you need to upgrade your business (and therefore your life).  With a potent mix of educational sessions, structured planning time, Q&As and even live one-on-one mentoring…. This is the business event you need if you want a rocket launch into the quarter and year ahead. I will be sharing the very best insights I have had had from personally starting and running my businesses, and the hundreds of hours spent mentoring entrepreneurs. The topics I’ll be covering are directly drawn from the biggest problems I see business owners experiencing, and I’ll be sharing all the tools and tricks I’ve learned to help you overcome them.

Format: In person workshop in Sydney


I sit down with someone from my network of true-blue experts to mine them all the insider knowledge and tips they have to build your skillset in both business and life.  Together, we’ll help swot you up on critical skills for your business. Past topics have included:

• Building a powerful, authentic and influential personal brand – with entrepreneur and speaker Julie Masters
• Leading with purpose – with entrepreneur and ex-Army infantry officer (and my husband!) Wade Tink
• How to build a soul-aligned business – with psychic and soul coach Helen Jacobs
• How to work with a VA effectively – with entrepreneur and VA guru Kristy Smith

Format: Video interview delivered to your inbox


This is my opportunity to tackle the blocks you’re facing. Each month, I’ll focus on a specific topic for our Masterclass.  The topics will be specifically chosen in response to the group’s biggest challenges – be that pricing strategies, turbocharging your sales approach or growing your business without growing your own stress.  I share my hard-won lessons in that area, as well as the tips, tricks and hacks that will help you succeed within it.  Expect some serious straight-talking and actionable advice you can put into practise immediately.

Format: Online webinar, one hour


I could include a Facebook group, however I want a hub that’s more immediate and lends itself to quick sharing, rather than lengthy posts (plus, I personally have Facebook groups for my Facebook groups right now!). This gives you real-time access to everyone in the group. The Whatsapp group is where you come to share wins, seek advice from your Clann and feel connected with your entrepreneurial crew no matter where you are.
Format: Group messaging


These are the templates I’ve leaned on heavily in my six years of growing businesses and leading teams. It’s template heaven!  In my arsenal I have my no-frills business plan, financial forecasting model, quarterly plan, job descriptions, team performance evaluation, project planning timeline … Pretty much the infrastructure to help you build the business of your dreams.
Format: Template delivered to your inbox once a month


I’ve tried hundreds of different suppliers in my entrepreneurial career to date – some dreadful, some amazing, most average. This is my directory of all the rockstar suppliers I’ve used in my businesses or who come highly recommended from my network – web designers, videographers, graphic designers, accountants, intuitive workers, photographers… the lot.
Format: Directory in Google Sheets – updated constantly with member supplier referrals


CLANN ONLINE is an online only version of Clann. This is perfect for you if:
• Regular travel to Sydney is out of the question for you right now – due to location, family commitments or bank balance. You can be in County Clare or Chicago and still drink up all the Clann goodness!
• A lower baseline monthly investment works better for your business’s cash flow
• You’re still in the early stages of business
• You want the option to opt in to group gatherings in future
• You want to test out the model to see how it is for you before committing to higher tiers of membership (you can upgrade at any time)

CLANN PREMIUM is your sweet spot if:
• Your business is more established
• You’re in a position to travel to Sydney quarterly
• Face-to-face time with like-minded entrepreneurs is the peanut butter to your jelly
• You want to get a quarterly motivational boost in person with me

CLANN PERSONAL is your perfect match if:
• Your business is growing fast and you want to max out that growth (and stay sane…)
• You want a balance of connection with other entrepreneurs with one-on-one time with me
• You want me right in the cogs of your business helping you structure it for the success you want
• You want to have me in your corner on an adhoc basis – to review an awards entry, talk you off the overwhelmed ledge or input into a new client pitch


Straightaway! Answer a few quick questions about your business and my team will get back to you with next steps.