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I believe that our businesses should light us up from inside. I don’t know about you, but when I’m tired, uninspired or stressing about something on the personal side of my life, my business performance is immediately impacted.

Instead of 1D, extrinsic achievements, I believe in multi-dimensional success. I’m talking your business; but also your health, relationships, spirituality and development.

Revenue and profit are important – of course they are – however the joy is sucked out of achieving them if we’re not happy in the other parts of our life. Indeed, they come easier and with much more flow if we’re in flow ourselves!


Business is tough – in fact, it can be really very shit at times (said from hard-earned experience…). The first thing I’ve done in the shit times is reach out to those I trust to handhold me through those times – whether it was business mentors, a coach or my entrepreneur friends who were right there in the trenches with me. Between them, they got me through – and what always, without fail, followed was a period of intense growth and greater success.

Up until now, my mentoring has been based on working with my high-end Remarkability Mastermind group of just six entrepreneurs, or one-on-one via my Remarkability Turbo Mentoring intensive sessions. There is a distinct pattern of challenges that these people are trying to overcome, so I’ve been shaping a model that would take the support I give them one-on-one to a broader group – that is priced more accessibly than working with me one-on-one.


A vibrant collective of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners. It aims to educate, inspire and connect them within a membership model. The program is led by me, and is based on all the best coaching, training and mentoring that I have experienced as part of my career and my six years of being in the trenches of starting, building and leading businesses and sub-brands.

I will not give you a magic formula to business success that will have you retiring to the Bahamas in three months (sorry about that). I will however act as a guide, success facilitator and chief cheerleader of you and your business.


It’s called Remarkability Clann – for two reasons:

1. The dictionary definition of “clan” is: “a group of people, as a clique, set, society, or party, especially united by some common trait, characteristic, or interest” (hint: to be remarkable entrepreneurs)
2. Clann (with an extra “n”) is the Gaelic word for “family




Finding the time to work ON our businesses can feel nigh-on impossible with the demands of teams, clients and the urgent need to “do the do” constantly. This half-day is your time to get out of the weeds and take an elevated view of where you and your business are at. Together we review progress over the previous quarter and map out our plan of action for the next 90 days. After all, a dream without a plan is just a wish! You’ll wrap up this session with uber-clarity and a serious rocket up your ass to make it happen. Accountability to your fellow group members is a seriously good motivator – no-one wants to come back next quarter with a list of excuses…
Format: In person workshop in Sydney


Straight after our morning of planning, you kick straight into getting started on your plan. It’s you, your laptop, wifi and your crew around you doing exactly the same thing. As Le Guru Tony Robbins says: “Never leave the scene of setting a goal without taking some action towards making it a reality”. This is your opportunity to get MAJOR momentum happening. I’m in the room to workshop ideas with you, troubleshoot issues, or feed you chocolate and give you a pep talk if that’s what you need!
Format: In person workshop in Sydney


We tap into my network of true-blue experts to help swot you up on critical skills for your business. We’ll cover everything from financial savviness to self-care, from public speaking to writing copy that sells. The priority of topics will be guided by a group vote.
Format: Video interview delivered to your inbox


This is my opportunity to tackle the bigger challenges or concerns you’re facing. Each month, I’ll take requests and questions, and give them some serious straight-talking in a private, members-only Hangout.
Format: Online webinar, one hour


I could include a Facebook group, however I want a hub that’s more immediate and lends itself to quick sharing, rather than lengthy posts (plus, I personally have Facebook groups for my Facebook groups right now!). This gives you real-time access to everyone in the group, and twice a month I’ll be online to answer any burning questions you have that week. The Whatsapp group is where you come to share wins, seek advice from your Clann and feel connected with your entrepreneurial crew no matter where you are.
Format: Group messaging


The early bird catches the turmeric latte! Each month I host a group breakfast. This is your chance to catch up informally with your buddies and me, and download on all that’s happening in your world. The breakfasts cycle through Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast* and we’ll have you on your way to blast through your business day by 9am. I shout you coffee, you pay for your meal.
Format: Café group breakfast
*NB: this is fluid at the moment as members’ locations will influence the breakfast locations


This is a pack of all the templates I’ve leaned on heavily in my six years of growing businesses and leading teams. They’re the painstaking result of years of tweaking, adding and subtracting. It’s template heaven! It includes my no-frills business plan, financial forecasting model, quarterly plan, job descriptions, team performance evaluation, project planning timeline … Pretty much the infrastructure to help you build the business of your dreams.
Format: Access to Google Drive folder


I’ve tried hundreds of different suppliers in my entrepreneurial career to date – some dreadful, some amazing, most average. This is my directory of all the rockstar suppliers I’ve used in my businesses or who come highly recommended from my network – web designers, videographers, graphic designers, accountants, intuitive workers, photographers… the lot.
Format: Directory in Google Sheets – updated constantly with member supplier referrals

And that’s not all – you’ll also get these extra delicious goodies as special bonuses:
•  VIP discount for any courses/events I have coming up
•  Reduced rate for Turbo Mentoring sessions ($1,500 instead of $2,000)
•  Welcome pack of Remarkability goodies (value of $100)




Quarterly workshops – 9am-5pm:
• Wednesday 4th October 2018 Sydney
• Monday 14th January 2019 Sydney
• Monday 1st April 2019 Sydney
• Monday 1st July 2019 Sydney

Member breakfasts – 7.30-9.00am:
• Tuesday 28th August 2018 Melbourne
• Wednesday 4th October 2018 Sydney
• Tuesday 30th October 2018 tbc
• **Christmas dinner instead of monthly breakfast** 7.00pm-late Thursday 13th December 2018 Sydney
• Monday 14th January 2019 Sydney
• Tuesday 5th February 2018 Melbourne
• Tuesday 5th March 2018 tbc
• Monday 1st April 2019 Sydney
• Tuesday 7th May 2019 Melbourne
• Tuesday 4th June tbc

*NB: breakfast locations are fluid at the moment as members’ locations will ultimately influence the breakfast locations.


Membership is accessed via a monthly membership payment of $400+GST.

There’s no set contract of X number of months – I want people to stay as long as they feel it’s helping them and they can stop whenever they need/want to. My hunch is that once you’re in and hooked into this dynamic tribe, you’ll never want to leave…



The energy and commitment of this group is of paramount importance, and as such there is an application process. To apply, please complete this online application form.  Myself and my team will review your application and be in touch with you within 48 hours. If you’re a fit, you’ll receive an email with all the fun admin-y things to get you set up.  If we have any questions about your application, we’ll give you a call.

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