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As you’ll likely know if you’re a regular listener, I first visited the topic of sales with Sabri Suby in Episode 3 of this season.  Given that revenue is the lifeblood of our businesses, I wanted to double down on this area with a second brilliant expert – and this time I wanted to really dive into women’s relationship with sales.

Enter stage left Abbie White, sales extraordinaire and founder of Sales Redefined, which helps small to medium enterprises to increase their sales and build high-performance sales teams.  In her words, they have an “obsession with execution”!

Abbie is a mentee of mine and you might have spotted her in my book Baby, You’re Remarkable!  I find Abbie’s energy and smarts to be so refreshing and trust me, this woman knows sales inside out and – most importantly – she walks her own talk in her own business.

In myself and Abbie’s chat, we cover:

  • How she went from someone who was “allergic to sales” (her words!) to creating a business educating people on sales
  • Why sales IS NOT social media
  • Why there’s no such thing as offline versus online sales
  • How mindset is more important than technical skills when it comes to growing revenue
  • The simple reframe exercise she uses with her clients to ditch the yuckiness of sales
  • Why copying others is often the worst thing we can do when it comes to our sales strategy
  • Her tips on getting over the fear that accompanies sales for most of us
  • The helpful stat that can help you get over rejection
  • The three biggest mistakes she sees business owners making when it comes to sales in their businesses
  • An easy weekly practice that could transform your revenue targets from this week
  • My biggest mistake when approaching sales in my first business… and what it cost me
  • The step we must take before hiring a salesperson
  • My concept of a “sweeper” and how it enables me to focus more on sales


I strongly suggest you have a notebook within arm’s reach for this one!

You can connect with Abbie via her website: www.salesredefined.com.au or on Instagram @abbie_sales_redefined. She and her team also publish weekly articles on this very topic on Linked In – just follow Sales Redefined on Linked In to get access to them. You can also find the one-pager Abbie mentioned in our interview here

Big love to my partner on this episode, my accounting and book-keeping rockstars at Numeric 8.  You can find them at www.numericeight.com.au