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In this episode I introduce my new podcast, and also myself to those I haven’t connected with yet.

As an author, serial entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, wife and mother there are a LOT of topics that fascinate me – and this season unlocks the biggest learnings of consummate experts in their fields, to help you reach even higher in your life.

Each week I’ll be talking to experts across business, finance, spirituality, wellbeing, leadership and personal development. Each Friday, a new episode with a new expert will go live.

But first, an introduction!

In this short episode, I share my journey to date – including moving to Australia, meeting my husband, starting and selling my first business, and the biggest lessons I’ve had along the way.

Thank you for listening in! It really does mean the world to me.

Please share your feedback, and any questions you might have, with me on Instagram – @lorraineremarks. I’d love to hear from you.