Anyone who has followed me for a while will know how much I adore my visits to Bali…

The energy, the people, the spirituality, the healers, the learning… it sets my soul alight being there.

I hosted my first retreat to Bali in 2018 and should have been back there in May this year with my second group – that retreat has been postponed.

Ironically, right now is when a lot of us are feeling in dire need of a retreat!  The global health situation, disrupted work schedules, pressurised home situations and (if you’re like me) radically reduced “Me Time” has thrown a lot of us out of balance.

After the success of my first one in June, to give you some much-needed solace and TLC, I’m hosting another afternoon of Bali bliss that you can enjoy from your own home.

My intent with these mini retreats is to create a space for you to recharge and learn some golden insights about how to care for yourself better.

To care for YOU, check in with YOU, and generate some fresh inspo and energy for YOU.

Along with two of my favourite Bali souls, I will host you for an afternoon journey of bliss, connection, healing and learning.

Shamanic Yoga Experience

with Levi Banner

Levi Banner is a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner, ecstatic dance host and cacao ceremony expert. I’ve experienced Levi’s work on a few occasions in Bali, and he’s going to be hosting a private ecstatic dance and cacao ceremony for my Bali retreat guests (when we get over there!).

For Levi, true yoga resides in the breath. It’s the difference between simply stretching and opening a channel to profound realisation. His sessions can empower you to walk your most authentic path and live your fullest potential.

For this mini-retreat, Levi will be guiding our group through a yoga practice that also introduces elements of shamanic wisdom – I cannot WAIT to experience it.

Supporting Self Love, Anxiety & Depression talk

with Tunjung Crystal Mandela

I have seen a lot of healers during my time in Bali, and each brought their own unique gift to help me in some way. Tunjung is a native Balinese healer, who was the first healer I ever saw in Bali and who kickstarted some deep healing for me. I’ve sent many people her way and I’m so grateful that she’s going to be a part of this retreat. 

Tunjung guides people in learning how to take responsibility for their own lives, feelings and happiness. She believes that when we love ourselves, there is no longer dependency on external factors to make us feel love and trust, and to continue to believe in our own magic and beauty.

In her talk, she will share her insights on self love as well as support in dealing with anxiety and depression.

(Bali-ish) Bliss and Balance Retreat

2.00pm Welcome, intention setting & cacao ceremony with me

2.20pm Shamanic yoga experience with Levi Banner

3.15pm Reflection exercise while enjoying Bali Bliss Balls

3.30pm Supporting self love, anxiety and depression talk with Tunjung

4.30pm Sharing Circle

4.50pm Closing words & reflections

5.00pm Retreat closes

What you’ll experience at the (Bali-ish) Bliss and Balance Retreat

  • A safe, nurturing space for you to be held for the afternoon
  • Life-changing practises and knowledge to create more balance in your life
  • Access to some of my most trusted Bali experts
  • Time and space to connect with like-minded women
  • Delicious, soul-opening treats
  • A retreat veteran to guide you (me!)

How it works

When you book in for the (Bali-ish) Bliss and Balance Retreat, you’ll receive a guidebook to your retreat.

In this, you’ll find a guide to setting up your retreat space, what you’ll need for the afternoon, and recipes to my Ceremonial Cacao and my Bali Bliss Balls (which we’ll be enjoying together during our retreat – yum!).

On the day of the retreat, you’ll access myself and your other speakers via one Zoom link.

After the retreat you’ll receive recordings of each of the sessions for you to tap back into whenever you like, and notes from the retreat.

If you can’t make parts of the afternoon, or any of the afternoon, this is very good news for you!  You can book your spot and host your own retreat using the guidebook and recordings at the time that suits you.


You’ll know it’s for you if…

… you’re craving some Me Time

… you’ve followed my Bali retreats and want a taste of them

… you feel out balance with yourself

… you need to hit the “pause” button to catch your breath

… you want to bring new ideas and practices into your life

… you feel somewhat lacklustre and are in need of a kickstart

Giving back

Given that the Balinese people live in a special part of my heart, that same heart has been heavy worrying about how they are supporting themselves and their families given that 80% of Bali’s income comes from tourism.

Project Nasi (“nasi” is Indonesian for rice) was created by Australian entrepreneurs in Bali, who are creating food packs to distribute to those who cannot feed themselves.  It’s important to me that the (Bali-ish) Bliss & Balance Retreat gives back, so $15 of each ticket sold will be going directly to Project Nasi and the critical work they’re now doing.


Yes I need this in my life!

Saturday 22nd August, 2-5pm

Tickets are $59, which includes:

  • Your three-hour afternoon retreat
  • Your Bliss & Balance retreat guidebook, including recipes for 10 of my favourite soul treat foods
  • Guided reflection and insight time with me
  • 45-minute shamanic yoga session with Levi Banner, plus question time
  • 45-minute talk with healer Tunjung Crystal Mandela, plus question time
  • Guided reflection, insight and Q&A time with me
  • Recordings and notes from all retreat sessions
  • $15 donation to Project Nasi in Bali

Important note: I know that some households are financially challenged right now given the global health situation. I would hate for those who really, really need this retreat to miss out as the ticket price is beyond their bank balance at the moment.

If you’re not in a position to pay the full price for the retreat, please contact me to let me know, and you’ll be sent a special code to pay a reduced price of $15 (which will go directly to Project Nasi). No requests will be denied.