Get Remarkably Organised is going on tour!!!

Need to get your shit together?

Well I’m getting on the road just to help you!

I’ve created a half-day workshop specifically designed to help you get organised…  Remarkably organised even.

Einstein once said that: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

In order to thrive in our lives (and stay sane!), we need to adopt new strategies in our lives.

Based on the key principles of my bestselling book Get Remarkably Organised, this four-hour workshop will guide you through a series of exercises to identify the blocks you’re currently experiencing, work through those blocks and design the life that YOU want to be living.

Think of it as an opportunity to do some serious strategising on your life!


Topics will include:

– Analysing your self talk

– Offloading excess stuff

– Designing the life you want to be living

– Planning planning time

– Nailing your to do list

– Embedding a positive morning and evening routine

– Conquering distractions

– Kicking procrastination to the kerb

– Keeping yourself accountable

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