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My expert interview this week is someone who I believe we all need to hear from.

Digital wellbeing is becoming an increasingly urgent need for us functioning in the tech-obsessed society that we do. There are hundreds of studies that show how an unhealthy relationship with tech – especially our phones – can negatively impact our physical and mental health, our productivity and our happiness.

Dr. Kristy Goodwin is Australia’s foremost expert on digital wellbeing – she has a PhD in this area, is a speaker, author and entrepreneur. Oh and a mum to three gorgeous boys!

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the tech in my life has been a key priority for me for a few years now. I have experienced firsthand how easy it can be to slip into a situation where I’m spending too long with it, at the expense of my own peace of mind and my presence with the real people around me.

In our conversation, Kristy shares:

  • The jaw-dropping healthcare appointment that set her on the path she’s on now
  • Stats showing how many of us are becoming slaves to our screens, for example did you know that 91% of us reach for our phones before our loved ones in the morning?!
  • Why “Digital Amputation” isn’t the solution
  • 3 warning signs we’re overly dependent on our tech
  • The phenomenon of “Email Apnoea” – which I definitely suffer from!
  • The physiological reason we keep going back for more with social media
  • Why entrepreneurs and biz owners can be more susceptible to tech dependence than others
  • The neurological need for us to have some digital disconnection time
  • The “Resumption Lag” and what it means for our productivity
  • Why multi-tasking makes us foggy

I need to be REALLY clear here – this episode is NOT about shaming or blaming ourselves for how we interact with the tech in our lives. Kristy and I both share very honestly our own challenges in this area.

Kristy’s whole approach is to empower us with tech, and during our chat I kept coming back to that wonderful Maya Angelou quote: “When we know better, we do better.”

I’m sure you’ll agree that Kristy is an absolute goldmine of information on digital wellbeing and I’m so grateful I got to give you an insight into her incredible brain this week. Please remember that the first step in improving our relationship with tech is to become aware of our own habits and patterns.

To connect with Kristy, visit her website at drkristygoodwin.com and you can find her on Facebook and her Instagram handle is @drkristy.

As always, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this episode and how the topic of digital wellbeing plays out in your own life.

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