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This week’s guest is Alexx Stuart, author, podcaster and founder of Low Tox Life.  We can fall into the trap of believing our purpose needs to be a purely altruistic exercise, however Alexx is a living example of a savvy entrepreneur who has built a wildly successful business, while also making a big difference in the world.

Alexx is an educator and change agent who founded Low Tox Life in 2010 after seeing the lack of transparency in our food system, personal care and cleaning products. Low Tox Life provides real support for real people wanting to make better choices for their health and our planet, and while it all started back in 2010 with a few recipes and articles it is now a blog, 6 E-Courses, a podcast, a thriving social community on Facebook and Instagram and two books.  She also shares kickass recipes, and I may or may not have three containers of her gluten free brownies in our freezer.

In our chat, we cover:

  • Her (very different!) life before starting Low Tox Life
  • How the idea for the platform dropped in, and what the first baby steps she took towards it were
  • When she realised that the concept could be a successful business
  • The concept of trust capital, and why it’s a vital part of a sustainable online business
  • Her approach to the split focus of running two distinct businesses
  • The “money work” she’s done to facilitate her financial abundance
  • How she takes the emotion out of “selling herself”
  • Her genius “two shits rule” – and the penny drop moment she gave me with it
  • How she has navigated a very challenging health issue while also serving her community
  • What keeps her motivated and inspired on her business journey
  • The three books that have been most life- or business-changing for her

To connect with the amazing Alexx, visit lowtoxlife.com.au and you can also find her on Instagram at @lowtoxlife. You can find her brilliant new book, Low Tox Life Food, in your bookseller of choice.

To order it on Booktopia, go here: booktopia.com.au/low-tox-life-food-alexx-stuart/book/9781760525798.html

And make sure you come enter my competition on Instagram to win a special bundle of both of her books!