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This week’s episode opens with an update from me on overwhelm and my quest to create more spaciousness in my business and life while we’re in this season as a family.  Overwhelm is a very real challenge for many of the women in my community, and – as you’d expect from me – I’ll always share the real story of what’s happening behind the scenes.

And then – hooray!  Another mentee case file episode this week.  Bridget Johns is a declutter coach who helps her clients declutter their homes, phones, calendars and minds via her business Be Simply Free.  Bridget and I worked together to establish her nascent side hustle as a viable business that she could grow in order to step out of her public service career.

If you’ve got a side hustle you’ve been nurturing, this episode is a must listen for you!

In our chat, Bridget shares:

  • A background of her career
  • Where her side hustle was at prior to our first session together
  • What the tipping point was to up the ante on establishing a viable side hustle
  • The key question she asked herself to unlock the motivation to make the changes
  • The first steps she took towards making those changes happen
  • The factors she took into account when reducing and restructuring her government role
  • What her business looks like now
  • The biggest learnings she’s had on the journey
  • The next horizon she’s working towards
  • The advice she wants to pass on to other side hustlers aiming to do what she has done
  • Her biggest declutter tip (it’s a good ‘un!)

To find out more about Bridget and Be Simply Free, go to her website: besimplyfree.com.au and find her on Instagram: @be.simplyfree.