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Earlier this year, I got to spend some time with Chantale Millard – CEO of Maggie Beer Holdings, which is the parent company of the Maggie Beer brand and three other premium brands.  I was fascinated by the dynamic between her and such a household name of an entrepreneur… and the fact that her work revolves around food was an extra bonus for me!  Chantale has also led the recent acquisition of Hampers And Gifts Australia.

Finding the “right” support in our businesses is a constant focus for most business owners, and quite a few also harbour ambitions to one day sell their companies – so I’m thrilled to be bringing you this conversation with Chantale.

In our chat, we cover:

  • The background to her career before joining the Maggie Beer brand
  • What the key responsibilities of her role are 
  • A “day in the life” at home and work for a leading CEO
  • What the dynamic looks like between Chantale as the day-to-day lead of the business, and the entrepreneurial nature of Maggie
  • Her “no surprises” policy (I loved this concept!)
  • The fascinating process behind creating new food products within the business
  • The “user guide” for entrepreneurs on setting themselves up for success when handing over the reins to a CEO/MD/GM
  • What she looks for in businesses to acquire
  • How to make your business easy to buy from a buyer’s perspective, and what business owners should be thinking about NOW if that’s their ultimate goal
  • How she manages the many demands on her time and energy
  • Her experiences with self doubt and how she tames it
  • The books that have been most life- and business-changing for her
  • Her words of advice for other execs aiming to reach the CEO seat in their own careers

To connect with Chantale, find her on Linked In at: linkedin.com/in/chantale-millard-5977064.  To find out more about Maggie Beer Holdings, visit the website at maggiebeerholdings.com.au.

In this episode, I also mention this clever Aussie company who I’ve bought some gifts from in the past: spinelessclassics.com.au.