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This week I’m introducing you to my wonderful mentee, Liz Dawson.  Liz is the owner of exercise physiology business Northside Allied Health and the founder of Kids Heart Pilates. She is one of my longtime mentees, and something we identified early in our mentoring journey together was the need for her to start delegating responsibilities to her team in the business… but also to build a team at home that she could delegate to as well.

Liz has run with her outsourcing mission like a pro and in this chat she shares:

  • The background to her career
  • The health scare that almost derailed her business
  • The many demands on her time when we started working together
  • The tool she used back then (and still uses) to get clear on what she could hand over
  • What her personal tipping point was to getting intentional about outsourcing – both in her businesses and at home
  • The very first steps she took towards making that a reality
  • A day in her outsourced life now – what’s outsourced and who’s doing it
  • The upside to the level of outsourcing she has in her life now – how it’s benefited her, her family and the businesses
  • How she deals with the guilt of outsourcing
  • What the biggest learnings have been on the journey
  • What words of advice she has for other women aiming to do what she has done

You can find Liz on Instagram: @lizzydaep.  To find out more about Kids Heart Pilates, go to kidsheartpilates.com.au and for Northside Allied Health, go to northsidealliedhealth.com.au.

To access my Time Task Audit tool, go the Resources page on my website: lorrainemurphy.com.au/resources.

And to enquire about mentoring with me, visit: lorrainemurphy.com.au/work-with-me/mentoring.

Big thanks to Nature Nate’s honey, for partnering with me on this episode.  You can find this gorgeous honey brand on the shelves of your local Woolworths store.