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I had our daughter Lexi while I was running my first business, which was an agency.  So it was a delight to mentor my longtime mentee Hannah Statham through getting her content marketing agency, Media Mortar, ready for her to step out for four months to have her first baby.

Her goal was to step into her maternity leave and “not look back”… which she did!

In six months, Hannah onboarded a General Manager, prepared her clients and team for her to step out, and gave birth to little Penelope.

In this conversation, she breaks down the steps she took to make this a reality:

  • The state of play of the business before she found out she was pregnant (hint: she was VERY “in the weeds”!)
  • The VIP Day we spent together before her pregnancy was announced, and the key action points she had from it
  • The hiring process for a GM, and how she chose the person she did
  • Step-by-step to how she onboarded her GM (I loved this process!), including sales incentives
  • Communicating her maternity leave to her team and clients
  • How she stayed in touch with the team while she was on leave
  • Her reentry to the business and what her role looks like now

You can find Media Mortar at mediamortar.com.au or on Instagram at @mediamortar, and Hannah is @hannahstatham.

And to enquire about mentoring with me, visit: lorrainemurphy.com.au/work-with-me/mentoring.

Big thanks to Nature Nate’s honey, for partnering with me on this episode.  You can find this gorgeous honey brand on the shelves of your local Woolworths store.