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This episode is brought to your beautiful ears by Nature Nate’s honey. 

This week’s conversation with Ilana Kosakiewicz could be the gamechanger you’ve been waiting for…  Ilana is a kinesiologist, yoga teacher and meditation guide who specialises in helping her clients to optimise their energy, and she is passionate about teaching women how they can live their lives in a way that’s more aligned with their cycles.  The upside?  More energy, more flow… and less chance of burn-out.

I am constantly taken aback at the number of women in my community who have or are currently experiencing problems with their energy, immune systems and thyroids, and I really do believe that the expertise Ilana generously passes on today could prevent a lot of that discomfort and distress for women.

In our conversation, Ilana shares: 

  • Her own experience of burn-out, what she learned from it and her healing path out of it
  • How that experience bumped her onto the path she’s on now
  • The different modalities she works with, and how she brings them together
  • Why working with our cycles can support us in our careers, and also our lives more broadly
  • The fou distinct phases of a woman’s cycle 
  • How to approach these seasons if you don’t have a cycle right now (due to menopause, pregnancy, etc)
  • How to know if you’re NOT working with your cycle
  • An overview of each phase and what work/food/exercise we should focus on in each of them
  • How the Winter phase holds the key to unlocking our energy for our whole cycle
  • The resources she recommends if you’d like to educate yourself more on this space

To connect with Ilana, visit her website at ilanak.com.au, find her Instagram at @ilanak.kinesiology or listen to her podcast, The Energy Shift.

The book we mention is WomanCode by Alyssa Vitti and the cycle tracking apps Ilana recommends are Flow and P Tracker.