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Today I’m introducing you to one of my spiritual Dream Team, Nicole Bayliss. I’ve been seeing Nicole for years now – I see her for a dreamy, and seriously insightful, combination of tarot and reiki.

She works with a lot of other business owners, and I thought she’d be perfect to tackle a major – probably THE most major – issue that I see business owners, but also women generally having: how to overcome a negative mindset.

Emma Isaacs once said to me that business is 100% mindset, and I couldn’t agree more with her.  So I know that myself and Nicole’s conversation has the potential to game change your mindset.

In this episode, Nicole shares:

  • The affirmation she uses to solve problems in her business
  • Why we should see our businesses as a spiritual healing journey
  • How we are moving as a collective from the Age of Productivity to the Age of Spirituality
  • The most common confidence blocks women experience – and how to overcome them
  • The biggest money blocks she sees, and how she coaches her clients through them
  • The limiting belief behind many thyroid problems
  • An exercise to help us deal with imposter syndrome
  • What an “evidence journal” is and why we need to start one today
  • How bringing spirituality into our businesses can create miracles 
  • The program many of us are running that we will be miserable until “we get there”
  • An exercise to deal with negative people and energy 
  • What to look for when deciding on a new spiritual practitioner 

You can find Nicole at www.nicolebayliss.com.au and her Instagram is @shifttobliss.  

Big thanks to Lyndal and her team at Podcast VA for helping me create not just this episode, but this entire first season of the podcast. For more information, you can reach out via the website podcastva.com or connect on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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