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Last year, I completed the 75 Hard Challenge – which is pretty much what the name suggests!

Each day, participants:

  • Do two 45-minute workouts
  • Stick to a diet
  • Have no cheat meals or alcohol
  • Drink 4 litres of water
  • Read 10 pages of non-fiction
  • Take a progress photo

This challenge taught me so much about my ability to stay on track with my intended goals and habits, and I got a LOT of questions from my community about the experience!

Business coach Sharon Cliffe joined me doing the challenge, and in this episode, Sharon and I compare notes on what the challenge taught us, including
Why we each did the challenge

  • What our biggest fears/block were going into it
  • What helped us get through it
  • The books we each read during the challenge
  • What we learned about making goals happen as a result
  • Why intentionality is so important
  • We we need to forget about motivation
  • What we’d each say to someone listening who’s undertaking a big goal this year

You can find out more about Sharon on her website – sharoncliffe.com.au – and on Instagram: @thesharoncliffe