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Tracy Harris founded Mums with Hustle six years ago, and today the business offers a podcast, courses, workshops, membership programs, and online communities.

I met her at a business event over four years ago, and was immediately struck by her positive energy – but also by how clear she was on who her business was there to serve: mums running their own businesses.  Since then, she has built a seven-figure business while working 20 hours per week.

In myself and Tracy’s wide-ranging chat, we cover:

  • What she was doing before starting Mums With Hustle
  • How the idea for it dropped in, and what the first baby steps she took towards it were
  • The moment she realised that the concept could be a successful business
  • How she made her first hire before she made a dollar
  • The importance of niching – and how she found hers
  • An overview of her current business model – its revenue streams, communities and team structure
  • What her biggest “fuck yes!” and “oh shit no!” moments have been in its growth
  • The weekly structure she works to and her individual focuses for each day I (love how Tracy does this!)
  • Her experience of navigating being a parent while also serving her community
  • What keeps her motivated and inspired on her business journey
  • The three books that have been most life- or business-changing for her
  • The one piece of advice she would give to someone wanting to step into their business idea

I hope you enjoy our chat as much as we enjoyed having it.  To find out more about Tracy and Mums With Hustle, visit the website – tracyharris.co or go to Instagram – @mumswithhustle.