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Making the transition from cash-for-time to a fully scalable online business is a daunting prospect… BUT my guest this week is here to step you through exactly how she did it!

Dr. Kyla Smith is a Perth-based paediatric dietician who four years ago transitioned from being a purely in-person health provider to building two membership communities – Baby Meal Times and Toddler Meal Times.

In doing so, she has created a business model that does not rely on her time for its revenue and has grown her team to a mostly remote team of ten, and she’s ensured she personally has the flexibility she wanted for her young family.

Kyla is a brilliant case study in how to take expertise online, and – lucky me – she’s also a longtime mentee of mine!

In our action-packed chat, we cover:

  • The initial “bricks and mortar” model for her business
  • What the tipping point was for her to transitioning the business to an online model
  • The very first steps she took towards making that a reality
  • How she built brilliant “trust capital” with her community long before she had anything to sell to them
  • The golden rules that grew her Instagram audience to 60,000+
  • Her experiences of imposter syndrome in the online world, and how she conquers it
  • The upside to adding the online element to the business – how it’s benefited her, her family and the business
  • What her biggest learnings have been on the journey
  • The two critical pieces of advice that she wants to pass on to other business owners aiming to do what she has done
  • [Cos we have her!] Her #1 tip for baby weaning, and her biggest tip for fussy toddlers

You can find out more about Dr. Kyla on Instagram – @dr_kyla – and via her websites – babymealtimes.com.au and toddlermealtimes.com.au.

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