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Last year, I read a book that I know will game change my business.  The book is Profit First by Mike Michalowicz, and in it, he steps through a super simple, super effective plan to ensure that readers actually realise profit from their businesses… by safeguarding themselves from their own worst habits (yes, I know them all as I’ve done them all!).

After the success of the book, Mike created Profit First Professionals – a certification program for finance professionals and business advisers.  This week, I’m talking to Laura Elkaslassy, CEO of Profit First Professionals ANZ.  Laura is a bona fide finance guru who leads multiple businesses – and has experienced the magic of Profit First for years in her own businesses.  I’m in the early days of implementing the structure in my own business, and I couldn’t wait to share the ideas with you.

In our conversation we cover: 

  • An overview of what Profit First is – and why it can be so impactful
  • A seriously inspiring case study of someone she’s seen implement it
  • How Profit First has helped her in her own business
  • The first step business owners can take towards introducing Profit First in their business
  • Whether or not there’s a “good time” to implement the methodology
  • Whether or not start-ups should think about doing it from day 1
  • How to shift out of the paralysis that often comes from financial overwhelm (I know, I’ve been there myself)
  • How the principles are just as powerful for personal finances as they are for business

Laura has also kindly shared the following resources:

Free resources – profitfirstaustralia.com.au/resources

Find a PFP – profitfirstaustralia.com.au/find-a-profit-first-professional

Buy the book – profitfirstaustralia.com.au/profit-first-book

Profit First FAQs – profitfirstaustralia.com.au/frequently-asked-questions

Profit First video book – https://litvideobooks.com/profit