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This week’s episode is a bit different.  Given events here in Australia and overseas, I didn’t feel you wanted more stuff to learn…  So this week I’ve created an episode that will hopefully soothe your soul and not stretch your brain or emotions too much.

This week’s show is part-magazine style, part life update, part Q&A – a random episode basically!  I want you to feel that you and I are having an intimate catch-up in your favourite cafe.  

So come hang with me in while I talk about:

  • Our recent family rona experience
  • What I’m doing to navigate the negativity/fear of current events
  • My recent cooking discoveries (and one absolute disaster)
  • The books I’ve been reading for some gentle relief 
  • The TV shows I’ve been loving
  • My advice to anyone recovering from exhaustion or sickness
  • Why it’s essential that women especially prioritise their recovery
  •  The go-to essentials I love for breastfeeding
  • My greatest loves in my make-up bag (someone asked ok!)
  • What “resilience fatigue” is and what to do if you’re there right now

I hope you enjoy my random magazine episode this week – remember to look after yourself.  You deserve it and we need you. x