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Business can be a really, really lonely place – and that’s why I’m so grateful to have people who I can connect with who are also walking the entrepreneurial path.  And I’m even more grateful to have women like Julie Masters, who are also mums, who are also focused on their own wellbeing, and who have a very similar sense of humour and values as me!

I thought it would be fun to record a chat with Jules that’s pretty much like the conversations we have privately – the insights we share with each other, and the aha moments we give each other.

In this (very wide ranging!) chat, we cover:

  • Adjusting back to IRL events
  • Our codependent households – or what I call “the village within the village”
  • Our similar COVID experiences
  • Progress for each of as we each work on Our New Things
  • Her recent health retreat experience, and how I tried (!) to recreate one at home
  • The dangers of falling out of love with our business offerings
  • Why sometimes the only – and best – thing we can do is to stay curious

Next week, I get to reveal My New Thing to you – I cannot wait!

To find out more about Jules, check out:

Her website – juliemasters.com 

Her Instagram – @jules.masters

Her podcast – Inside Influence