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Hooray!!  FINALLY I can share with my wonderful listeners My New Thing – aka Bold Darling.  

Bold Darling is a platform to support entrepreneurs who understand that business is about more than business.  

I’ve seen so many of my mentees sacrifice themselves on the altar of their businesses.  What I’ve designed is the exact content and structure to combat this problem.  I could happily talk about Bold Darling all day long, however I invite you to go explore it yourself on my website: lorrainemurphy.com.au.  

My co-mentor in Bold Darling is Michelle Broadbent, who I have worked with closely for four years now.  For the first two of those years, she was my Business Manager and all-round right hand woman in my second business.  And for the last two years, she has helped me to support my mentees by co-mentoring in a Mastermind program and speaking to my groups at business retreats.  

Michelle is a Small Business Strategist who brings the perfect balance of smarts and serious TLC (I may still call her my “Blankie”!).  She is The Guru of systems, recruiting what she calls unicorns, and effective boundaries.

In this conversation, we cover: 

  • The origins of Bold Darling 
  • My most recent “Blankie call” to her, and why I needed it
  • How women don’t have a Nothing Box (like men do) and how that impacts us in our businesses
  • The biggest challenges we see our clients experiencing in their businesses right now
  • What we see as the others superpowers, and also the values we share
  • The top 3 resources each of us share with our mentees 
  • One of the saddest examples we see of business owners getting in their own way
  • The quote I have stuck on our fridge at home
  • Our “no mean girls” policy
  • The best investments each of us have made in our own businesses

To connect with Michelle, visit her website – michellebroadbent.com.au and her Instagram – @michbroadbent.

And remember, Bold Darling doors are open until Thursday 31st March!