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Would you believe me if I told you that your biggest business challenge is actually YOU?  

This May I’ll tick over a full decade of running my own businesses, and the biggest lesson I’ve learned is this: when I’m good, my business is good.

I’ve gotten to mentor hundreds of female entrepreneurs in the last five years, and I can tell you that overwhelm, flagging energy and a sense of being pulled in 50 directions at once are the most common challenges they face.

This week I presented a brand new Masterclass called “The Flow Framework” – sharing a new model I’ve been working through with my one-on-one mentees.  It’s given them clarity, empowerment and FLOW.

And – as a special bonus episode – I’m sharing that Masterclass today on the show.  

Prepare to wave goodbye to overwhelm, exhaustion and frenetic effort… and say hello to clarity, energy and focus!

PS: In the Masterclass I share more about my new mentoring program, Bold Darling.  Doors are open until Thursday 31st March – get your application in via my website: lorrainemurphy.com.au.