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Sitting in my mentoring seat, I pretty much get an “access all areas” pass with the women I work with.  

I get the inside track on their businesses for sure, but also how they’re operating in the various other areas of their lives (health, energy management, life admin, the works).  Believe me, it’s fascinating!

This week, I hosted a Masterclass called “Behind The Success Scenes” – and, as a special bonus, I’m sharing that Masterclass today on the show. 

You’ll learn how:

  • One pushed through decades of self-doubt to build her profile… and secured epic revenue as a result!
  • Another unlearnt years of pushing herself too hard (and resulting serious health issues) to find a balance that works for her
  • Another relinquished the need to be “on the tools” (as I call it!) to step back and work ON her business, rather than IN it (oh, and 5x her team in the process)

If you’re ready to take your business and life to the next level, and want to learn the strategies these brilliant women use, enjoy this episode.

PS: In the Masterclass I share more about my new mentoring program, Bold Darling.  Doors are open until Thursday 31st March – get your application in via my website: lorrainemurphy.com.au.