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This month I’m focusing on settling my new Bold Darling group in together, so I’m taking a few weeks off creating new episodes for the podcast.

But… I can still be in your ears!!  Instead I’m sharing interviews that I’ve done on other friend’s podcasts.

First up is my conversation with Claire Obeid for her show, Woman Awake.  To find out more about Claire, go to her website – claireobeid.com or follow her on Instagram – @claireobeid_. 

Claire says: 

In today’s episode, I invite Lorraine Murphy back onto the podcast to talk about a central theme of her new book, Step Into You, which is energy management.  

Needing to create her own ‘soft place to land’ to go on her own deep healing journey and get clear on what she wanted to create in her life, Lorraine’s latest book is about that very journey and how she went about finding a more sustainable way to do business and life by really learning how to manage her energy.

We talk about:

  • Lorraine’s own perspective on what energy is and why learning to manage our energy over our time is important
  • The importance of creating a bespoke energy management plan and giving ourselves permission to follow it
  • Energy management filtered through both motherhood and a more feminine lens
  • The impact of using major and minor energy boosts for both major and minor energy leaks
  • The issues with trying to ‘balance ‘ our lives
  • What it really looks like to be in alignment and be intentional about how can support ourself best
  • And what Lorraine came to understand about working with the mind and body and ourselves as unique energy beings, whilst we worked together at her Noosa retreat in 2021