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This month I’m focusing on settling my new Bold Darling group in together, so I’m taking a few weeks off creating new episodes for the podcast.

But… I can still be in your ears!!  Instead I’m sharing interviews that I’ve done on other friend’s podcasts.

This week’s conversation is with Alexx Stuart, for her show, The Low Tox Life Podcast.  To find out more about Alexx, go to her website – lowtoxlife.com or follow her on Instagram – @lowtoxlife.

Alexx says: 

Do you remember a time when you felt really ‘you’? In flow? Maybe a great sense of boundless energy? The sense that there was something really motivating to wake up for each day in work, love, life?

I invite Lorraine Murphy, author of 3 wonderful books in the past centred around productivity, and now with a new book Step Into You, to discuss this – we talk about alarm bells that things are not going well and you need to pay attention – LOVE Lorraine’s analogy on this, and also talk about some of the tools we can use to bring ourselves back to ourselves – not entirely easy with all the demands that come up in life, often with the busy-ness clouding our own filtering and awareness of when things might not be best for us!

Questions I asked Lorraine:

  • How do we know we’re not “US” – ie signs we’ve drifted from ourselves or perhaps have never really connected in the first place for cultural/religious/be-good-in-society reasons?
  • Can you share a time when you felt really disconnected from yourself?
  • What were some pivotal moments/choices that helped you step into YOU again?
  • Why is the gap between where women are and where we want to be ‘vast’ in so many cases, as you say in the early part of your book?
  • I want to talk about the truth bombs you unleash upfront in the book.
  • You then go on to help us all Step into ourselves in expert fashion, and I love that towards the end of the book you discuss strategies for our ‘ME’ to stick – can we talk about resilience fatigue? (and also alignment over balance after that).