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This month I’m focusing on settling my new Bold Darling group in together, so I’m taking a few weeks off creating new episodes for the podcast.

But… I can still be in your ears!!  Instead I’m sharing interviews that I’ve done on other friend’s podcasts.

This week’s conversation is with Ilana Kosakiewicz, for her show, The Energy Shift.  To find out more about Ilana, go to her website – ilanak.com or follow her on Instagram – @ilanak.kinesiology. 

Ilana says: 

Ready to Step Into You? 

In this podcast episode we explore simple ways for recharging, re-focusing and confidently striding into your best self with best selling author, mentor and entrepreneur Lorraine Murphy.

In this episode we explore:

  • Lorraine’s story and business journey
  • Learn ways to step more into you?
  • Lorraine’s top three areas that Lorraine see’s in her work.
  • Understand the step into you journey and how it became a book.
  • Learn the key elements and chapters within the book.
  • Lorraine’s top self-care non-negotiables.
  • How you can find out more about Lorraine and her new book.