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This season is taking you behind the scenes – as well as taking you behind the curtains of my businesses, I’ll also be talking to dynamic entrepreneurs, and smart experts who have the secrets and tools for success. You can also expect more chats with my business besties, and my mentees. 

I recorded this week’s episode from blissful Bali where I’m on a retreat/baby getaway/working adventure.  I had so many questions about the trip (and a LOT of my community living vicariously through my Insta stories!) that I wanted to dive deeper into the reasons for this trip, what I’ve been up to on it, and my greatest insights while I’m here.

In this conversation, I share: 

  • The hamster-on-a-wheel feeling that had me craving this trip
  • The intentions I set for this time
  • How the Balinese people I’ve connected with are after a horrific 2.5 years
  • The healers I’ve visited while here (TMI alert!)
  • A peek into the workshops I’ve done 
  • My three biggest lessons on travelling with kids
  • The specific hacks that eased travelling here with Wilder solo

If you’re hanging for a retreat of your own, I’m bringing lots of my Bali trip into the first Bold Darling Retreat, which is happening in Noosa in October!  Find out more and book your spot here: https://www.bolddarling.com/2022-retreat

And doors to Bold Darling open again next month – you can join the waitlist here: https://www.bolddarling.com/bold-darling

Check out my Instagram story highlights for all my Bali tips.

I reference two podcast episodes in this week’s episode:

A previous Bali trip (including dearmouring) is here.

And my interview with Jimmy Doyle is here.