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I devoured all of your feedback from Season 1 and it was VERY clear that you guys wanted me to focus on LIFE ORGANISATION… so there you have the theme for this season!

Over the next eight weeks I’ll be unveiling my toolkit to getting remarkably organised – from To Do list management to weekly planning, from cook-ups to email management.  

I want to hear from YOU on what you’d like me to cover – as I could quite happily to do podcast episodes all year round on this topic!  So DM me on Insta or Facebook, or drop me an email through my website www.lorrainemurphy.com.au with your requests. 

For the first episode of this season, I wanted to create a tasting platter of the key things I practise every week – and I suggest you do too.  Yep, this week is alllll about habits.

I have learned that the key to success is bedding in positive habits that each day and week, that get us closer to the Future Self we’re working towards.

In this episode, I share the five weekly habits that I’ve practised for many years, and that I recommend you do too.  

These habits have enabled me to build two businesses, write three books, have my Lexi Day each week and stay healthy and energised.  And the best bit? They’re so do-able!

Remember to drop me a line with any requests you have for future episodes, so I can make sure this season delivers allll the goods for you.