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This season is taking you behind the scenes – as well as taking you behind the curtains of my businesses, I’ll also be talking to dynamic entrepreneurs, and smart experts who have the secrets and tools for success. You can also expect more chats with my business besties, and my mentees.

I’m super excited for this week’s episode drop, as I’m dropping not one, but TWO episodes today.  

And one (this) episode, I interview three of my Bold Darling members about their experience of scaling their businesses.  

And in another episode, I interview three of my Bold Darling group about their greatest lessons from where they are in the midst of creating their start-ups.  

o basically, a choose-your-own (or both) adventure this week.

In this episode, I interview Sarah Little, Tamara Scamporlino and Olivia Green about their experiences of growing their businesses.  

We cover systems, being paid their worth, unexpected curve balls, building their businesses authentically, the best strategies for navigating “the Blend” of business and family, and much, much more. 

You’ll love this episode if you’re in the midst of growing your business right now, and I’m in awe at how smart and generous all three of my guests were in our conversation.  

All three of them were founding members of my Bold Darling mentoring group when I first opened doors back in March… and guess what?  Doors are open again now!  If you’re ready to grow your business in a way that supports YOU, find out how being a Bold Darling member will change both your life and your business at: bolddarling.com. 

You can find out more about each of the businesses of this week’s guests here:

Sarah Little – au.linkedin.com/in/sarah-little-uniquelyhuman 

Tamara Scamporlino – vibzstudio.com.au

Olivia Green – northsidespeechpathology.com.au