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This season is taking you behind the scenes – as well as taking you behind the curtains of my businesses, I’ll also be talking to dynamic entrepreneurs, and smart experts who have the secrets and tools for success. You can also expect more chats with my business besties, and my mentees.

Money is – quite literally – the lifeblood of any business.  Run out of cash and the music stops very fast.  However, it just so happens that money is also the biggest painpoint for most business owners! 

In my decade as an entrepreneur, I’ve experienced the ultimate financial highs (multi-million dollars per year revenue, a six-figure launch) and the painful lows (a $150k “surprise” bill, racking up credit card debt).  

Believe me, I’ve spent a LOT of time thinking about money in the last ten years!  It’s taken enormous work to reach the place I’m in now of peace, security and confidence when it comes to the dollars in my bank accounts.

In this episode, I’m sharing my Money Keys Masterclass – aka: the greatest lessons I’ve learned when it comes to unlocking the abundance you dream of in your life and business.  

You will learn:

✔ How your beliefs are impacting your abundance

✔ My four golden rules of pricing

✔ How to make your life – right now – feel richly abundant

✔ Seven steps to improving your money mindset

✔ How to “build it before you sell it” (and how I made $50,000 off one Powerpoint presentation) 

In the Masterclass, I talk about my Bold Darling mentoring program.  Doors are open now until Thursday 23rd June.   If you’re ready to grow your business in a way that supports YOU, find out how being a Bold Darling member will change both your life and your business at: bolddarling.com