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This season is taking you behind the scenes – as well as taking you behind the curtains of my businesses, I’ll also be talking to dynamic entrepreneurs, and smart experts who have the secrets and tools for success. You can also expect more chats with my business besties, and my mentees.

My guest this week is Brooke Vulinovich – an Instagram specialist, international keynote speaker and creator of the global Social Club Membership and Academy.  I love how Brooke shows up so energetically and consistently for her community, so I was super keen to have her on the show.  What I didn’t expect from our conversation was the potency of what she shares about her own business journey –  there are a tonne of lessons to be learned from this conversation!

We cover: 

  • Her experience of imposter syndrome, and how she navigated it.
  • How she went from saying yes to everything to narrowing her offer down to just 3 products
  • The importance of stubbornness in business
  • How she structures her week (including Moneymaking Monday!)
  • The three biggest mistakes she made in the early days of the membership model
  • The loss of her sister and how that changed her perspective on business, and life
  • The team structure and systems she uses to support the business
  • Her top tips for business owners to get the most of Instagram
  • The transition to becoming an entrepreneurial mama last year
  • The big Euro adventure she’s planning, and how her business will work around that

To find out more about Brooke and the Social Club Community, visit brookevulinovich.com or connect on Instagram @brookevulinovich

This season is taking a break for the next month while I spend the month of July on a (two years!!) overdue visit to my family in Ireland – see you again for new episodes in August.