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I am very glad I listened to your feedback as the downloads on this new season have been going nuts!  My episode on the Five Weekly Habits To Step Into Your Future Self has already jumped to the #3 most downloads of all my episodes over the last 3 months.

This week, I’m sharing behind the scenes of how I organised my business, with a very VERY special guest.

I was super keen to pull back the curtains on how I organise my business, and I thought that getting my awesome business manager Michelle Broadbent in on the fun would help me do that.

Michelle first reached out to me while I was in Bali with Lexi on our Eat Pray Love adventure early last year, and an email correspondence about how we’d work together after a few months finally ended up in her coming to help me in my business.  

She has been a pivotal part of the story of my second business for almost 18 months now, and is in equal parts supportive and bosses me around no end.  She has been running her own business for the last two years, and she specialises in supporting female entrepreneurs just like me.

In our chat, we cover:

  • Our romantic story of how we met – ha!
  • The three things that she sees us doing especially well on the organisation front as a team…
  • … and the big thing she thinks we need to improve on
  • How we organise communication in our remote team
  • Her perspective on how I get shit done
  • The things that drive her crazy about working with me
  • The biggest challenge she sees her clients having when it comes to organising their businesses
  • Micro-managing and why many entrepreneurs do it
  • The key things to consider before bringing a business manager, EA, PA or VA into your business
  • Her genius wardrobe organisation approach 
  • The weekly non-negotiables that help her navigate life as an entrepreneur and single mum 


I absolutely loved this chat, and I know that you’ll get so much out of it.  

To find out more about Michelle, you can go to her website or stalk her on Instagram.

Thank you to Une Piece for creating a ripple of good for not just one, but two charities with this episode – this gorgeous one-piece Brisbane-based swimwear brand donated to both the 

Butterfly Foundation and Call Time on Melanoma to be part of this episode.