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After lifting the lid on my business organisation last week with my business manager Michelle, this week is all about organisation in relationships.

My interview with Wade on leadership in Season 1 was the most popular interview I’ve done, so I’m thrilled to be bringing him back again for this season on organisation.  

Increasingly, I’m being asked about the relationship side of my life, so I’m very happy to share this pretty intimate chat with Wade today.

We are fortunate to live pretty full-on lives, between both of us running our own businesses, having our sweetheart Lexi, frequent travel and not having family support around us.  We also openly talk about the fact that the last two years have been the toughest in our relationship to date.  

For us, having an infrastructure of organisation in our relationship has been the bedrock that has kept the ship (somewhat) afloat over the last couple of years.  In recent months, we have had some major breakthroughs in our relationship, some of which we talk about in today’s chat.

This is the most we’ve ever shared about our relationship and I’m so grateful to Wade for sitting down with me for this chat.  

In our conversation today, we cover:

  • The challenge when one partner wants to make positive changes, and the other one doesn’t
  • Our weekly rhythm and who does what during our weeks
  • The concept of anchoring and how it has manifested with us
  • The productivity technique that he has sworn by for years
  • Balancing structure with spontaneity 
  • The importance of taking time away from your partner and family 
  • The areas we want to improve on next year in how we organise our lives together
  • Resentment, nagging and “point scoring” and how they have impacted us
  • The book he read that totally changed our relationship
  • The greatest thing each of us has taught the other about business

As I mentioned, there’s something very exciting coming soon that Wade and I are collaborating on.  To get the goss first, jump onto the waitlist at www.lorrainemurphy.com.au/waitlist.

Resources we mention in this episode:

The Way Of The Superior Man, by David Deida https://www.booktopia.com.au/the-way-of-the-superior-man-david-deida/book/9781622038329.html 

Dear Lover, by David Deida https://www.booktopia.com.au/dear-lover-david-deida/book/9781591792604.html 

The Pomodoro Technique – https://francescocirillo.com/pages/pomodoro-technique

Beyond Mars & Venus, by John Gray https://www.booktopia.com.au/beyond-mars-and-venus-john-gray/book/9781942952299.html

John Gray interview on The Melissa Ambrosini Show – https://melissaambrosini.com/podcast/men-are-from-mars-women-are-from-venus-with-john-gray/ 


And big thank you again to my solicitor and mentee Tracey Mylecherane for creating a ripple of good to Drought Angels as part of this episode.  You can visit her website here: https://www.tracey-mylecharane.com.au.