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Given that this season is all about organisation, I would be neglecting my duties desperately if I didn’t focus an episode on morning routines! 

Having a solid morning routine is one of the most critical building blocks of being in the driving seat of our lives – and when my routine is out of whack, it has a huge impact on my days and weeks.

I have talked a LOT about the importance of morning routines on Instagram, in online trainings I run, podcast chats… and most of all in my books.  So for this week’s episode I decided to take a different approach… Especially as the book chapter episode I did last season was so popular!

I’m going to read to you my chapter on morning routines from my second book, Get Remarkably Organised.  At one point, I jump into a section of Baby, You’re Remarkable (my third book) to address the specific challenge that is making a morning routine happen with small humans in the household.

In this episode I cover:

  • The biggest reason a morning routine is so critical
  • The three elements that every morning routine should have
  • The concept of the Miracle Morning – the how, what, why
  • How to make a morning routine happen with kids
  • The blow-by-blow account of my own current morning routine 
  • The tools I use as part of my routine 


Thank you again to Rosie at My Virtual Stylist for being part of this episode, and for supporting her charity of choice, Run DIPG.  You can find her styling magic at www.myvirtualstylist.com.au.

Some resources I mention in this episode:

Get Remarkably Organised book

Baby, You’re Remarkable book

The Miracle Morning book

Insight Timer meditation app 

The Little Sage oracle cards (new version is coming – you can add yourself to waitlist here)

Doreen Virtue Saints & Angels oracle cards