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My special guest this week is clocking up his THIRD appearance on the show.. It’s my husband Wade.  

The downloads for our last chat made it the second most downloaded episode so far… So we’re hoping this week’s episode is just as helpful to you!

This week – as part of the organisational season – we want to share our annual planning approach.  

I wrote about it in a Love Letter at the beginning of the year, and also in Baby, You’re Remarkable – and I’ve had so many questions about it from my community, and in podcast interviews… that we wanted to lift the lid on how we do it here.

Doing this at the beginning of 2019 was the infrastructure that kept us on track this year, which contained more than its fair share of curve balls, on both the business and the personal front.  

We usually do this in the Christmas/New Year break, however this year we wanted to lock down our 2020 plans before we head into the holiday season.  

In this conversation, we share: 

  • The step-by-step process we use to plan our year
  • The highs – and lows – of our recent annual planning session
  • A sneak peek at some of the goals we’ve set for 2020
  • The goal that each of us are most excited to make happen next year (and the one we’re most daunted by)
  • The random goal I’ve set (TMI alert!!)
  • Our top tips on how to approach goal setting as a couple
  • How we found working together for the first time this week


We also give a mini-scoop on what’s coming with our first program – which helps other couples to set goals together.  

If you’d like to be first to hear about our program launch (and get access to the massive DISC training module) remember to jump on the waitlist at lorrainemurphy.com.au/waitlist.  

Thank you to Jellystone Designs for supporting PANDA as part of this episode.  You can find the Jellystone Designs range online at www.jellystonedesigns.com.au or in one of their 500 stockists Australia wide.