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Anyone who follows me on Insta will know that I am borderline obsessed with food… and I’ve been looking forward to this episode since I planned out this season!

This week I’m sharing all the how-tos around how I get myself organised in the kitchen.  

Food is an area that I devote enormous time and energy to (perhaps too much!!).  My weekly cook-up has been an institution in our household for years now, and it makes my heart so happy to have the fridge stocked with delicious, healthy food for the week ahead.  

When I share the results of my cook-up on Insta, I always get so many comments – online and IRL – about them.  

Effective meal prep is one of the most important things I do each week – those of you who listened to my “Five Weekly Habits To Step Into Your Future Self” episode will remember I shared it was one of those habits.

If getting more organised in the kitchen is on your radar for 2020, you will love this episode, as I share my top ten tips to making meal prep and cooking SUPER easy… and delicious!  

My practising these tips in my own life means that we eat immeasurably better as a family than we would otherwise, we save AT LEAST $5,000 a year on food, and I get a serious “got my shit together, oh yeah!!” kick from being on my game in the kitchen.

In this episode, I share:

  • How Wade and I split responsibility for kitchen management
  • The shopping list hack that’s upped our game hugely
  • The tried and trusted – and super easy – recipes that I rely on 
  • How we’re cutting down the time (and money!) spent on grocery shopping
  • The step-by-step to how I organise my weekly cook-up
  • And… I reveal my new Cook-Up Club Compendium, along with a VERY tasty discount for podcast listeners!


If you’d like more help from me, remember that my Cook-up Club Compendium is available in my store from today.  I promise you it will take alll the heat out of meal planning .. and help you find your kitchen mojo again! You can find it here: https://lorrainemurphy.com.au/product/cook-up-club-compendium/.


In this episode, I also share my favourite cookbooks.  They are:

Hippie Lane, Taline Gabriel

Simple & Lean and Super Easy , Maha Corbett & Sally Obermeder

The Healthy Life, Jessica Sepel

The Happy Cookbook, Lola Berry

Simplicious & Simplicious Flow, Sarah Wilson


And you can buy Emma’s books here:

Home – https://www.emmablomfield.com/product/keeping-house-book/

Keeping House – https://www.emmablomfield.com/product/home/


Thank you to Emma Blomfield for supporting Lou’s Place with this episode.  You can find Emma at www.emmablomfield.com and Lou’s Place at www.lousplace.com.au