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Welcome to the last episode of this season on all things organisation!  

To wrap up the season, this week I’m responding to listener questions – I’m pretty proud of how many I managed to pack into this episode…

In it, I cover: 

  • How to motivate yourself to do “the thing”
  • How to overcome the problem of staying on track with your perfect week
  • How to switch off work mode and get into housework mode (and vice versa)
  • How to plan time for yourself with the needs of kids and partners
  • How we organise our finances?
  • How to stay organised around little people’s changing needs
  • Where to start with decluttering
  • My tips for getting back on track after a day or two of non-productiveness
  • How to gently introduce our partner to a growth mindset
  • How I stay on top of and sort my to-do lists
  • My tips for getting organised for the week when we’ve been away for the weekend
  • Staying on top of paperwork – what to keep and what to chuck


I so hope you get some nuggets that will help you in your life from this episode, and the free resources I mention are all available here: www.lorrainemurphy.com.au/resources/.