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Welcome to a series of guest episodes on The Lorraine Murphy Show.  I thought the Summer holidays would be the perfect opportunity to show off some of my super talented friends’ shows – by featuring them interviewing ME for a change!

Today’s guest interview is with the ray of light that is Melissa Ambrosini.  Melissa saw me speak at 9 To Thrive in 2016 and we connected afterwards – both of us were just about to release our first books.

She has now got two bestselling books: Mastering Your Mean Girl and Open Wide, both of which I loved.  And I know that her and her husband Nick are co-writing a book together, that will be published in 2020 – how exciting!

Melissa is an entrepreneur and speaker, who is now based in herself and Nick’s dream home on the Sunshine Coast.  She’s also the stepmum of the brilliant Leo.

I’m thrilled to bring you our chat this week, which goes deep and is pretty wide-ranging!  We talk about our common experiences in business, my journey to becoming a mama, the structure that myself and Wade have to stay on top of our pretty full-on lives, and the need for spirituality in my life.

You can connect with Melissa via her website: melissaambrosini.com, on Instagram @melissaambrosini and on her podcast, The Melissa Ambrosini Show.