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Welcome to a series of guest episodes on The Lorraine Murphy Show.  I thought the Summer holidays would be the perfect opportunity to show off some of my super talented friends’ shows – by featuring them interviewing ME for a change!

This week’s guest interview is courtesy of Claire Obeid.  

Claire and I first met as colleagues in my first PR role when I moved to Australia, and we spent many an hour running events, media trips and client strategy sessions for our beauty PR clients.

Claire gradually transitioned out of her PR career via a love of yoga teaching, and evolved to be a full-time health coach.  She then went on to learn a gazillion amazing modalities, including meditation, somatic embodiment, Ayurveda and EFT (also known as tapping).

I leaned on Claire heavily as my coach in my first year of my first business, and I still use the techniques she taught back then eight years later.  Claire is also going to be leading the spiritual side of my Bali retreat in May.. and I cannot wait to share her genius with my group!

In our podcast interview, Claire and I dive VERY deep into mamahood, and the associated effect on relationships and careers.  

You can find Claire online at claireobeid.com, on Instagram as @claireowellness and on her podcast, which is called One Woke Mama.