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Welcome to a series of guest episodes on The Lorraine Murphy Show.  I thought the Summer holidays would be the perfect opportunity to show off some of my super talented friends’ shows – by featuring them interviewing ME for a change!

Today’s guest interview couldn’t have been better timed!  Stevie Dillon AKA Stevie Says Social had only recently given birth to her first baby, Jimmy and she had read my third book, Baby You’re Remarkable while he was tiny.

It was so fun to go back to those early days with Stevie, who was still right there in it – and our conversation is just like listening in to the two of us chatting in a cafe.  I just loved it.

Stevie has run her own social media business for two years, and is the go-to on all things social.  She has a suite of super-smart online programs to support you wherever you are in your social media adventure.

You can find her website at steviesayssocial.com, on Instagram @steviesayssocial and her podcast, which is called The Stevie Says Social Podcast.