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I have been in the super privileged position of a one-on-one mentor since 2016 and at this point I’ve worked with over 100 mentees one-on-one.  

Usually, about 80% of my mentees are business owners however right now for some reason about 50% of my mentees are in corporate or other organisations.  Funny how it changes!

It never fails to blow me away at how much trust my mentees place in me during our work together, and as a result I get to have a very intimate and honest insight into their lives.

Over the dozens and dozens of people I have mentored, I can see clear trends and patterns – regardless of whether that person is male or female, employed or a business owner.

Of course, what happens in a mentoring session with me stays in that mentoring session!  However in this episode I wanted to identify the top five mindset challenges that I see my mentees having… and how we work on them together.

I have a triple intent with this episode… 

First off, to help you realise that you’re not alone if you’re currently experiencing one of these challenges. 

Secondly, to share with you some actionable next steps to help you get out of that mindset rut.  

And lastly, to lift the curtain a little on how my mentoring works.

Over the course of this episode, I share:

  • The top five mindset challenges I see my mentees experiencing
  • What the number 1 objective of my mentees is in working with me (hint: it’s a killer of positive mindset)
  • The concept of triangulation, and how I use it to help me decide how to move forward
  • The biggest problem I see mothers in particular having 
  • Why our ideas are at their most vulnerable in their early days
  • What Bright Shiny Thing Syndrome is… and how to avoid it and stay focused
  • The sad epidemic of loneliness, and my tips on building your tribe
  • And waaaaay more!

I so hope you find this episode helpful for your mindset.

If you would like to enquire about mentoring with me, check out this page.  I have a handful of mentoring spots open each quarter, so reach out ahead of time if you can to give us the best chance possible of working together.