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Welcome to the first international broadcast of The Lorraine Murphy Show!

This week I’ve been in Bali having a few days of recharge, and seen as these trips have been a huge part of my mindset maintenance over the years, I wanted to share my adventures on the podcast.

I first came to Bali on retreat in 2015, and with the motivation and clarity I got from that trip, I wrote my first book Remarkability in just seven weeks!

This week’s retreat didn’t quite go to plan, which I’ll explain in the episode…

I also share:

  • The energetic reason that Bali specifically is such a powerful destination for retreats
  • The five focuses that I have on my agenda when in Bali on retreat
  • How my usual day on retreat in Bali plays out
  • My experience of being ill this week and what it taught me
  • What a healer is and what to expect in a healing session
  • A detailed debrief on my session this week with my favourite healer Jimmy Doyle
  • The new level of healing I’ve been working through this week to get connect in more with my feminine essence and sexuality
  • The five biggest reasons for hormonal imbalance in women that I learned this week

I so hope you find this episode to be helpful to you in your own life.  I’m hosting my next retreat to Bali in May 2020, so if Mama Bali is calling you please email me at lorraine@lorrainemurphy.com.au to see if there is still a spot available.