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I’m so excited to bring you today’s guest, as he’s someone who’s been a pivotal person in my entrepreneurial journey. He’s been a mentor, an example and a special friend.

Jack Delosa is the founder of The Entourage, an organisation that trains entrepreneurs in the key skills they need to build better businesses.  

In our chat, we cover: 

  • Victim mentality and how it’s the ultimate mindset killer
  • The importance of priming our mindset and the three key rituals he practises to support his mindset
  • How he adjusts his exercise to meet what his mindset needs are
  • The biggest drain that he finds on his mindset
  • How he balances his masculine and feminine energy (I loved exploring this with a guy for a change!!)
  • The detailed behind-the-scenes story of the near collapse of his business in 2016
  • The 18-month journey to rebuild it from the ground up
  • What gifts he can see that that experience gave him
  • His experience of “resilience fatigue” and what it is
  • My own experience of resilience fatigue
  • What steps we should take to build up our resilience reserves

You can find The Entourage at www.the-entourage.com.au and @theentourageofficial, and Jack is at @jackdelosa on Instagram.

My most successful program of 2019 – Step Into You – is beginning again on 27th March.  

I ran this program for the first time in November last year, and it’s a special one.  This program is for you if you’re feeling a bit “meh”, disconnected from your purpose, overwhelmed.. or just in need of some Lorraine-style TLC.  

Over six weeks, I’ll guide you through a step-by-step process to finding a more empowered, focused and energised version of yourself.  Each week, you receive a video tutorial and I’m also hosting three live online mentoring sessions. Throughout you’ll be connected with fellow program friends in an exclusive Facebook group, and I’ll be in there interacting with the group each week too.

I described it to the first group last year as a soft place to land in the stress of everyday life, and I’m so thrilled that that’s exactly what they said the program provided to them.  Everyone who completed the post-program survey said that they would recommend the program to a friend. How happy that makes my heart.

Jump onto my website to get yourself registered… it all begins on Friday 27th March.

QUOTE BOX: Whatever need to do feel connected, rested, whole and nurtured, do that.  Do that.