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This is the last episode of this week’s season, and in it I’m answering all of your questions on mindset.  As you can imagine with the global health situation we’re in, a lot of the questions were related to that.

In this Q&A, I cover:

  • How to get motivated to be productive at home during this lockdown period
  • The single biggest mindset tip for workers who have recently had to move to working from home (I couldn’t limit myself to just one!!)
  • Tips on keeping positive when dealing with a manager who is coping negatively
  • The best ways to control our mindsets around emotional eating
  • My biggest piece of advice for changing a bad habit
  • What to do when someone close to us doesn’t have the growth mindset that we do
  • How I manage all the info I read and want to refer back to at another stage
  • How I stop my mind bouncing from project to project
  • AND – a sneak preview of what’s to come for Season 5, which starts next week!

Expect some straight-talking in this episode, but also a gentle approach to going about life right now.