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Welcome to Season 5 of The Lorraine Murphy Show!  

This season is very different to my previous seasons.  

Rather than helping you get more organised, improve your mindset or smash your goals, instead I want to create a safe, soothing, connecting and escapist corner of the world for you.

For the next six weeks, I’ll be chatting to those around me who are my anchors – those who have seen me through some big chapters in my life, and whom I’ve built a rich tapestry of shared experience with.  

My intent is to welcome you into our conversation each week as we share memories, funny stories and life lessons together… and no doubt give you a much more “rounded” perspective on who I am!

My first Chicken Soup Conversation is with my friend of 20 years, Sarah Chegwidden.  

Sarah is one of the most grounded, calm and loyal people I know – and she has a wicked sense of humour too.  I have leaned on her in some of the darkest days in my life, and I’ve had some of my biggest laughs with her too.

In this chat we speak about:

  • The debaucherous summer we had in Chicago with seven of us in one bedroom (from a time when I drank a LOT more than I do now!)
  • The best thing she’s ever done for me as a friend (NB: it involves the “c word”)
  • How our friendship lasted through years of being long distance
  • Our experience of working together in my first business, and how we protected our friendship from the potential pitfalls that brought 
  • The “arms race” when we were both trying to get pregnant at the same time while working together
  • The difficult time when she decided to leave my business
  • Why we think our friendship works 
  • How each of us is coping with Iso Life

You can follow Sarah on Instagram – @sarahchegs.

In this episode, I also unveil The LM Love Club, which – after a little sneak peek last month – is off and running.  This is our chance to dive deeper together each month… I’m hosting a private members-only Masterclass each month, and also doing a one-on-one mentoring session with one member of the group.  

LM Love Club members have been connected together in a private online group, and they also get first dibs on new events and programs, as well as a member discount.  

The LM Love Club is $59 per month and you can pause or stop your membership anytime.  To find out more, jump over here.

One of those events is my upcoming Remote Flow Masterclass, which is happening on Friday 24th April.  In this 75-minute action-packed session, I distil the key learnings from my corporate training for teams adjusting to working from home.  

I’ll be sharing the three biggest areas we need to focus on in order to successfully GSD at home: Organisation, Positive Mindset and Connected Team, and what we need to focus on within those areas.

The corporate training investment is in the thousands of dollars, however spots for this Masterclass are just $49 ($34 for LM Love Club members) and you can register here.

Thank you so much for joining me for my very first chicken soup conversation – there are five more of these coming your way over the next five Fridays!

To find out more, jump over here: https://lorrainemurphy.com.au/product/lm-love-club/