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This season on the show is all about Chicken Soup Conversations – D&Ms with my “anchors”, those who have seen me through some big chapters in my life and whom I’ve built a rich tapestry of shared experience with.  

My intent is to welcome you into our conversation each week as we share memories, funny stories and life lessons together… and no doubt give you a much more “rounded” perspective on who I am!

This week’s Chicken Soup Conversation is with one of my closest closest friends, Julie Masters – a two-time entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster and mama of two.

Julie just radiates certainty, confidence and love – the kind of person you want around you in a crisis!  I have a deep respect for how she places the boundaries she requires in place, the deep thinker that she is, and the ridiculously powerful wisdom she possesses.

In this chat we speak about:

  • How we came to meet and have a mutual business girl crush on each other
  • How her plan to “sit on a mountain surrounded by llamas in Peru” morphed into her co-founding her first business back in Sydney
  • The almost-freakish way our lives have mirrored each other
  • Her painful experience of adrenal fatigue and how she found her way through it
  • What a “first phone call friend” is
  • The fertility challenges she and her husband experienced and the IVF journey they’ve been on
  • Her belief that, sometimes, the very best thing we can do is “let it burn”
  • The greatest thing we each value about our friendship 
  • The nugget of wisdom that helps her keep perspective on having meltdowns in front of her kids
  • How she’s coping with Iso Life 

 To connect with Julie, go to juliemasters.com, you can find her on Instagram at @jules.masters and find her podcast – “Inside Influence” on your podcast app of choice.