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This season on the show is all about Chicken Soup Conversations – D&Ms with my “anchors”, those who have seen me through some big chapters in my life and whom I’ve built a rich tapestry of shared experience with.  

My intent is to welcome you into our conversation each week as we share memories, funny stories and life lessons together… and no doubt give you a much more “rounded” perspective on who I am!

This is the last Chicken Soup Conversation, and it’s with who I call my “soulie” – my soul sister Richenda Vermeulen.  Richenda and I both started social media agencies within a month of each other way back in 2012, and we grew very close during that experience.  

Her business Ntegrity is a digital marketing agency that has won a tonne of awards and helps businesses, organisations and NFPs alike to “help good grow”.

She has been a total rock for me – not just in business, but in the realm of relationships too.  We’ve supported each other through really tough times, and also celebrated together – we’ve even been up against each other for the same business awards over the years!

I am 100% convinced this woman is some kind of earth angel, and she has lit up my life since I first met her at a business event eight years ago.  

In this chat we speak about:

  • Our first meeting and our first impressions of each other – hers was a total surprise to me!
  • Our “mirrored lives” of getting married and starting a business in the same year, and becoming mothers  
  • Her unique leadership approach and how she has made it an extension of who she is as a person
  • How she and her husband Kyle maintain such an incredible “growth mindset” individually, but also together
  • Their four miscarriages and how they navigated that pain in their family (one story she shared made me cry in our interview)
  • How Iso Life is going for her in Melbourne
  • Why we think our relationship works 
  • The greatest thing we’ve taught each other

To connect with Richenda and her business Ntegrity, go to ntegrity.com.au, you can find Richenda on Instagram at @richendav.  She and her team are live on Instagram every day Monday to Friday fielding audience questions with their incredible expertise.

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