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Welcome to Season 6 of The Lorraine Murphy Show!

Based on listener feedback, I’ve decided that this season is going to be all about LM Life Lessons: the greatest lessons I’ve learned (and continue to learn) and the lessons I share most with my mentees, event attendees and online program participants.

This week, we’re jumping straight into the first of ten LM Life Lessons.

My special guest is psychic, author and soul coach Helen Jacobs – who is making her second appearance on the show!

Learning how to tune into guidance has been one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned, and it’s a journey that continues today.

Helen is one of my spiritual dream team and I’ve leaned on her for guidance in both my business and personal life for years now.  She is also a guest trainer on my new program Create Academy – a six-week program to help you live a more creative life.

In our chat, we cover:

  • The difference between our higher guidance and our inner guidance (this was new to me!)
  • How everyone can access this guidance in their lives, even if spirituality is a new path for them
  • Why we both want to ban the word “woo-woo”!
  • The three most simple and effective ways to tune into our higher guidance
  • The three tools she recommends to tap into our inner guidance
  • How to know the difference between guidance and fear
  • Why intuition and creativity are so tightly enmeshed
  • A peek at what she’ll be sharing with Create Academy students

Links from this episode:

Helen’s guided meditations – https://helenjacobs.co/guided-meditations/

Waitlist for her oracle cards – https://helenjacobs.co/the-little-sage-oracle/

You Already Know book – https://helenjacobs.co/you-already-know-book/

Create Academy enrolments are open right now – the program kicks off on Friday 12th June. If you’re keen to live more creative life, this one is for you!  You can find out all the details here: https://lorrainemurphy.com.au/create-academy/.

And my free Masterclass is happening next week: Find Your Flow: The Five Biggest Blocks To Creativity (And What To Do About Them)!  There are two sessions: 8pm on Wednesday 3rd June and 12pm on Friday 5th June.  You can nab your spot here: lorrainemurphy.com.au/masterclass.